Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 7

Task No. 1194

Choose from the following prepositions at, below, by, in, on, to and complete the sentences and questions.

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Welcome to your Prepositions English Mixed Exercise 7

1 Romeo and Juliet was written Shakespeare.Clue
BY = someone who does something
2 John studied Oxford University for two years.Clue
AT Oxford = place where people study
3 The temperature was zero.Clue
BELOW = Less than
4 You will have to get there car.Clue
BY = method of doing something
5 We live the main road.Clue
ON = Seen as a point on a line.
6 Your friends are not very often time.Clue
ON time = Fixed phrase
7 There were a lot of people our wedding.Clue
AT our wedding = position at a point
8 The restaurant is the ground floor.Clue
ON the X floor = Fixed phrase
9 Can you change this money from Euros Dollars?Clue
INTO = from one form into another form
10 Next summer we will go Spain for our holidays.Clue
TO = Direction