Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 6

Task No. 1193

Choose from the following prepositions at, before, for, on, to, with and complete the sentences.

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Welcome to your Prepositions English Mixed Exercise 6

1 Turn left the corner.Clue
AT = position at a point
2 Jane is not here, she is holiday.Clue
ON = Special days
3 Y comes Z in the alphabet.Clue
BEFORE = place in order
4 The dog is sleeping the bed.Clue
ON = to touch the surface
5 John left home the age of 16.Clue
at the age = fixed phrase
6 I'll see you Tuesday.Clue
ON is used for dates and special days
7 Do not open the bottle your teeth!Clue
WITH = using something
8 This car belongs my brother.Clue
TO = Someone's property
9 The film made me cry the end.Clue
AT the end = Fixed phrase
10 I've worked here five yearsClue
FOR = period of time