Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 5

Task No. 1192

Choose from the following prepositions across, at, from, in, on, to and complete the sentences.

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Welcome to your Prepositions English Mixed Exercise 5

1 My brother got married 1999.Clue
IN is used for YEARS
2 The train station is the left.Clue
ON = Fixed phrase
3 We're going Spain for our holidays.Clue
TO is used for DIRECTION
4 We rented the skis a shop.Clue
FROM = place of origin
5 There is a bridge the river.Clue
ACROSS = From one side to the other
6 I saw your mum a taxi.Clue
IN = three dimensions. ON = public transport
7 Be nice your sister.Clue
TO = Relationship
8 Let's meet the afternoon.Clue
IN is used for parts of the day, AT NIGHT is an exception.
9 My friend lives  the end of the street.Clue
at the end = position at a point
10 They are not home.Clue
AT home = position at a point