Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 4

Task No. 1191

Choose from the following prepositions at, by, for, from, in, on, with and complete the sentences.

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Welcome to your Prepositions English Mixed – Exercise 4

1 Where do you come ?Clue
FROM = place of origin
2 My uncle lives Ireland.Clue
IN is used for larger areas especially with a border
3 They are walking the path.Clue
ON = to touch the surface
4 I don't like driving, so I went to Spain plane.Clue
BY = method of doing something
5 You can stay me tonight.Clue
WITH = together
6 My birthday is St Valentine's Day.Clue
ON is used for dates and special days
7 Let's meet Easter.Clue
AT is used for festivals/celebrations
8 Put the gun the table.Clue
ON = to touch a surface
9 I haven't seen you ages.Clue
FOR = period of time
10 I prefer the restaurant the river.Clue
BY = near or next to