Possessive apostrophe -‘s – Exercise 1

Task No. 1086

Do you add ‘s or ? Choose from the drop-down menu.

Welcome to your Possessive apostrophe -‘s – Exercise 1

1 This is book.Clue
John is singular so add 's
2 He is brother.Clue
Susan is singular so add 's
3 The room is nice.Clue
Children is plural so add 's
4 Where is toy?Clue
Sean is singular so add 's
5 Our house is big.Clue
Parents is plural so you cannot add an S so just add '
6 My family lives in London.Clue
Aunt is singular so add 's
7 The car is red.Clue
Smith add an S to become plural so just add '
8 My brother is always late.Clue
Friend is singular so add 's
9 These are my keys.Clue
Dad is singular so add 's
10 The computers are brand new.Clue
Secretaries added an S to become plural so just add '