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Phrasal Verbs Examples – H – O

Phrasal Verbs and Prepositional Verbs in English H – O

Phrasal Verb Phrasal Verb in a sentence
hand back We were told to hand back our forms when we had completed them.
have against I don’t know why she doesn’t like me. She seems to have something against me
head for I am tired. Let’s head for home
hold down He has been fired from another company. He cannot hold down a job
horse around Stop horsing around. We have some work to do.
ice over The lake has iced over, we can go skating.
idle away Don’t idle your life away.
iron out We have to iron out some problems in our relationship.
insist on He insisted on it being done the way he said.
invite over Let’s invite them over for dinner.
jabber away He was jabbering away so fast, I couldn’t understand a word.
jack up We need to jack up the car to change the tyre
join in If you want to play too, just join in at the next break.
jot down Let me jot that down so I don’t forget it.
jump at I would jump at a chance to work in New York.
keep back Keep back. It is not safe here.
keep down I was very ill. I couldn’t keep down any food.
kick out He was kicked out of school for bad behaviour.
knock down They have knocked down the old buildings.
knuckle down You need to knuckle down and get this job finished soon.
land up in You will land up in jail if you keep getting in trouble
leak out There will be problems if this secret leaks out.
leave out Leave me out of this. I don’t want to be involved.
let down I am disappointed you let me down again.
lighten up Relax, don’t be so serious. Lighten up a little.
line up The soldiers lined up for inspection.
listen up Listen up. I shall say this only once.
live down I am so ashamed. I will never live it down.
lock up Lock up the house well before you go on holiday.
log on I am going to log on to check my emails.
look after Can you look after the children while I go to the shops?
look out Look out. There is a car coming.
look up If you don’t know the meaning of a word, look it up in a dictionary.
look for I am looking for my wallet.
look up to They respect their teacher and look up to her.
loosen up Relax. Loosen up.
make away with The thieves made away with the shops takings
make up It is silly to argue. Why don’t you make up and be friends again?
mark down Students are marked down for handing in work late.
meet up with I meeting up with my old classmates next week.
move into I moved into a new house last month.
mull over I will mull it over and let you know my decision next week.
muscle in He muscled in on our conversation uninvited.
nag at  She keeps nagging at me all the time.
name after I am named after my grandfather.
nip out I am just going to nip out and buy some milk.
nod off He nodded off during the film.
nose around the police are nosing around to see if they can find any evidence.
open up You should open up and tell her your feelings.
operate on The surgeon operated on the patient.
order about Soldiers are always being ordered about.
owe to You are the reason it happened. I owe it all to you
own up He owned up to the crime.

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