Phrasal Verbs with Definitions

Task No. 1001

Insert the following definitions into the correct box for the matching phrasal verb: ready to, end, leave, match, continue, discuss in detail, suffer, inherit, find by chance, regain consciousness

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Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs with Definitions

1. While cleaning the garage I CAME ACROSS something I thought I had lost years ago.

2. John CAME INTO a lot of money after his mother died.

3. They decided to CARRY ON with their trip despite the bad weather.

4. That dress GOES WITH your hair .

5. The man WENT THROUGH a lot of operations before recovering completely .

6. I WAS ABOUT TO leave home when the phone rang.

7. The teacher wanted to GO OVER the test results with the students.

8. I must BE OFF now or I will be late.

9. It took the boxer a few minutes to COME ROUND after he had been knocked out.

10. It was such a boring film. I couldn't wait for it to BE OVER.