Past Perfect – Mixed Exercise

Task No. 1258

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps. Use verbs in the Past Perfect.

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Form of the Past Perfect

Welcome to your Past Perfect – Mixed Exercise

1. When I arrived at the cafe, Susan a cake. (already/to eat)

2. I noticed that Petra the car. (not/to wash)

3. Before Sean left for school, he a talk with his father. (to have)

4. She asked me if I for the exam. (to study)

5. There were no wine left when I arrived. The guests everything. (to drink)

6. It for three months, so the land was very dry. (not/to rain)

7. I did not bring a gift to the party because I flowers the day before. (to send)

8. Jake in a plane before our holiday. (never/to be)

9. Mum told me that you your room. (not/to clean)

10. his dog before he left for school? (John/to feed)