Much or Many in questions – Exercise

Task No. 1207

Choose much or many from the drop-down menu. You will need to think about whether the nouns are countable or uncountable.

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Much & Many

Welcome to your much or many in questions – Exercise

1 How players are in a football team?Clue
Use MANY because PLAYER is a countable noun.
2 How money do you spend on travel per month?Clue
Use MUCH because MONEY is an uncountable noun
3 How time did you spend on the computer last night?Clue
Use MUCH because TIME is an uncountable noun
4 How brothers does Peter have?Clue
Use MANY because BROTHER is a countable noun
5 How oranges did you buy yesterday?Clue
Use MANY because ORANGE is a countable noun
6 How wine is in this bottle?Clue
Use MUCH because WINE is an uncountable noun
7 How questions did he answer correctly?Clue
Use MANY because QUESTION is a countable noun
8 How bread do they eat each day?Clue
Use MUCH because BREAD is an uncountable noun
9 How cars were stolen last year?Clue
Use MANY because CAR is a countable noun
10 How beer do you drink per day?Clue
Use MUCH because BEER is an uncountable noun