how much or how many – Exercise

Task No. 1204

Select how much or how many from the drop-down menu to complete the questions. You will need to think about whether the nouns are countable or uncountable.

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Much & Many

Welcome to your how much or how many – Exercise

1 stars are there in the sky?Clue
Use HOW MANY because STARS are countable
2 hairs are on the head?Clue
Use HOW MANY because HAIRS are countable
3 luggage do you have?Clue
Use HOW MUCH because LUGGAGE is uncountable
4 fish are in the ocean?Clue
Use HOW MANY because FISH are countable
5 money is in your wallet?Clue
Use HOW MUCH because MONEY is uncountable
6 people are there in the world?Clue
Use HOW MANY because PEOPLE are countable
7 water should a person drink per day?Clue
Use HOW MUCH because WATER is uncountable
8 bones are there in the human ear?Clue
Use HOW MANY because BONES are countable
9 salt is in this meal?Clue
Use HOW MUCH because SALT is uncountable
10 information is on the internet?Clue
Use HOW MUCH because INFORMATION is uncountable