The definite article the – Exercise 3

Task No. 1059

Decide whether to use the definite article the or not.

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The definite article the

Welcome to your The definite article the – Exercise 3

1 My father likes very much.Clue
This is an indefinite general idea
2 My father loves of the Beatles.Clue
This is an definite general idea
3 See you on .Clue
Article not used with months, days of the week
4 I always listen to in the morning.Clue
We use the definite article when we are referring to the device.
5 Max goes to work by .Clue
No articles before indefinite means of transport
6 Don't be late for .Clue
No article when work means a place.
7 Jake is playing .Clue
Definite article before specific noun
8 We often see our neighbours over .Clue
No articles before festival holidays
9 He has never been to before.Clue
Definite article before mountain ranges.
10 What about going to America in ?Clue
No article before months, days of the week