Backshift of tenses in Reported speech – Exercise 1

Task No. 1119

Which is the correct ending of the sentence in Reported speech? Choose from the drop-down menu and mind the tenses of the reporting verbs.

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Reported Speech

Welcome to your Backshift of tenses in Reported speech – Exercise 1

1 Jake: "I often have a big breakfast." Jake says (that) .
2 Susan: "They live in Berlin." Susan said (that) .
3 Sean: "Max doesn't like school." Sean told me (that ) .
4 Petra: "She speaks Chinese." Petra remarks (that) .
5 Helena: "Monica doesn't like parties." Helena explains (that) .
6 John: "David often plays computer games." John added (that) .
7 Sarah: "Simon is out riding his new bike today." Sarah explained (that) .
8 Mark: "I don't know what to do." Mark added (that) .
9 Matt : "Ken is nice to Judy." Matt thinks (that) .
10 James and Scott: "We have to go now." James and Scott tell me (that) .