At, On, In, To – Preposition Types – Exercise 2

Task No. 1309

Choose the correct preposition from the drop-down menu.

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Welcome to your At, On, In, To - Preposition Types – Exercise 2

1 Look at the sheep that field over there.Clue
Three dimensional, so IN
2 I am meeting him the corner of High and Main Street.Clue
A meeting place so AT
3 All the computers are connected each other.Clue
Idea is part of direction so TO
4 I think there's someone the door. I'll go and check.Clue
A place so AT
5 We stayed a great hotel in London.Clue
Three dimensional so IN
6 We're going to see their newborn baby Wednesday.Clue
A day so ON
7 Are there any tomatoes the fridge ?Clue
Three dimensional so IN
8 The picture was taken winter.Clue
Season so IN
9 I must have left my book the teacher's desk.Clue
Two dimensional so ON
10 Look ! There's a mouse over there the corner.Clue
Three dimensional so IN