Active and Passive Tense Forms

1. Active and Passive Tense forms

In the table below we listed the active and passive tense forms using the verb to give

2. Simple Tenses

Tense Active Forms Passive Form
Present Simple I give I am given
Past Simple I gave I was given
Present Perfect I have given I have been given
Past Perfect I had given I had been given
Will- Future I will give I will be given
Future Perfect I will have given I will have been given
Conditional I would give I would be given
Conditional Perfect I would have given I would have been given

3. Continuous Tenses

Tense Active Forms Passive Form
Present Continuous I am giving I am being given
Past Continuous I was giving I was being given
Present Perfect Continuous* I have been giving, I have been being given
Past Perfect Continuous* I had been giving I had been being given
Will- Future Continuous* I will be giving I will be being given
Future Perfect Continuous* I will have been giving I will have been being given
Conditional Continuous* I would be giving I would be being given
Conditional Perfect Continuous* I would have been giving I would have been being given
* Tenses which are rarely used in everyday conversation, especially in the passive form.